Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I have more than one obsession in life and mangoes are one of them. I could eat them on anything --well almost, I think. Strawberry mango is a great combination.  This recipe makes 8 half pints or 4 pints. I find that making jam in smaller batches works better than trying to make a lot at once. I have never had great success trying to do too much at a time.

I used fresh strawberries, but you can use frozen (unsweetened) if you don't have fresh. Just let them thaw--and use the juice. 

I like the smaller champagne variety mango the best. They are sweeter and less stringy. You can also use frozen mango if you don't have fresh. I went to a local "farmer's market" type store today for strawberries (3# for $1) and they happened to have these mangoes 5/$1. I was so excited and went a little crazy with buying strawberries and mangoes. Then I had to come home and take care of all of it.  It was just right ripe and wasn't waiting until tomorrow.  


Large pan big enough to hold 6 half pint jars or 4 pint jars
  (This will be filled with water and jars submerged and heated to almost boiling to sterilize them)
Small saucepan
Canning rings for jars
Canning lids for jars
Tongs for removing hot jars
Clean, wet cloth for wiping rims of jars after filling
Large dutch oven size pan for cooking jam

Place clean jars in large pan and fill with water enough to cover jars. Place on stove and bring to just almost boiling--heat the water slowly to prevent jars from breaking. Keep the water at just a simmer while you cook your jam.

Place clean rings and canning lids in small saucepan and bring to a simmer--turning down heat after water simmers.  The hot water will soften the red rubber seal that will seal the jam for storage. Keep lids and rings also at a simmer while fruit is cooking.

You're now ready to cook your fruit.

To large pan big enough to hold 5.5 cups pureed fruit and 5.5 cups of sugar add:

2 cups mashed mango (I pulse in food processor leaving small chunks)
2.5 cups mashed strawberry (same as above)
*Note:  If you are using frozen fruit, thaw first and mash, blend or process the same, using juice.

Add 1 1/3 boxes of Sure Jell (1/3 box is 5 teaspoons--random, I know)

Stir well to dissolve Sure Jell and bring fruit and Sure Jell to a boil.  Immediately add 5.5 cups of sugar and stir well to dissolve the sugar.  Bring back to a good boil and cook for one minute.  Remove from heat and let cool for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.  There will be some foam at the top of the jam.  That's OK--as it cools a little and you stir it, it will incorporate.  

After 5 minutes cooling time, remove one jar from hot water at a time and fill with hot jam, filling only to the ring threads. I use a 1/4  cup measuring cup for the smaller 1/2 pint jars.  Wipe the top and edges of the jar with the clean wet cloth.  Make sure tops of jars are clean as they won't seal if they aren't. This will cause spoilage. 

Remove a canning lid from hot water with tongs, place on top of jar and place ring on jar as well.  Screw tightly, using wet cloth in your hands to prevent burning.  Set aside to cool.  Repeat until all jars are filled.

Like I said before, this recipe makes 4 pints or 8 half pints.

Let jars sit until cool.  You will hear the "ping" of each jar as they cool and seal themselves.  There is no need to "cold-pack" this jam, as you have sterilized the jars, rings and lids in the very hot water.  No need for refrigeration if stored in a cool dark place.  Refrigerate after opening.  

Whew--long post and happy jamming!!

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