Monday, October 17, 2011

Eating in NYC

BC and Me with Rupert at the Hello Deli in NYC

We are back from our New York trip and I am still dreaming about the amazing week we had there.
We spent two days in Palmyra, three days in Albany and two days in New York City.
I loved all of it and can't wait to go back!  Now onto the food...

I had a list of places that I really wanted to eat at in NYC and we made it to almost all of them.  We also hit a few places that were not on the list because we were hungry and lost.  My husband knows that I am serious about food and did his best to find everything using his phone and a map, even though neither one of us had ever been there.  

Breakfast:  Starbucks
*We broke our rule of not eating anywhere that we can eat here, as soon as we got off the train.  We were so hungry and had no idea what we were doing so we walked into Starbucks and got some breakfast sandwiches.  They were ok.
Lunch:  Shake Shack
*Amazing burgers and delicious custard.  Well worth the long line we waited in.  I highly recommend eating there.
Dinner:  Mesa Grill
*This is Bobby Flay's restaurant and the food was really good.  The prices were high, so we shared, but we loved all of our food.  My favorite thing was some corn that we had as a side-dish.  It had all kinds of amazing things in it.
Breakfast:  Toasties
*This wasn't on our list but we saw it while we were walking and it looked so good.  Really clean and modern inside with lots of fresh ingredients and a yummy menu.  The food was delish and I would definitely go back there. 
Snack: Magnolia Bakery
*We ordered banana pudding because a lady in line recommended it and I am not kidding you when I say it was life-changing.  Best thing I ate the whole trip.  Please go there and get that.  We also got some cheesecake and it was super tasty.  Such a cute bakery, too.
Another snack: Levain Bakery
*We had to try their huge cookies and man were we glad we did. Hot chocolate chip cookies with walnuts.  Melt in your mouth.
Lunch: Hot dog stand in Central Park
* I was still full from our "snacks" but BC tried a hot dog and said it wasn't that great.  Nothing special.
Dinner: Bella Vita Pizza
*We really wanted to try pizza from Lombardi's but never found it so we tried this place and it was good but not great.  I have had lots of pizza here in Arizona that I liked better.
Dessert: Pinkberry
*My favorite yogurt place because of their original tart.  It's the best.  I really wish we had one here.  

So that is what we ate in NYC.  So many places to try and so little time!  I still want to try Serendipity's, Lombardi's, Pret A Manger, Chopt'd, Cafe Habana and The Donut Plant.  What are your favorite places in NYC?  Do tell!!!


heatherellisphotography said...

There is a little wrap shop by where my old apartment was called It's a Wrap, it was so good! And I LOVE Tasti D Lite but just saw the other day that they have those in AZ now. (Now that I am gone!) Serendipity is a must and you can stop by Dylan's candy shop just down the street from it for a snack. I also LOVE the desserts at Cafe Lalo (the place in You've Got Mail). Yum!!! Anyway, those are just a few ha ha :) I think it's time I go back! I am glad you had fun!

Oh crud, I just looked up It's a Wrap and it closed years ago. Ha ha! I guess that's what I get for not being there in like 8 years!

Anonymous said...

Come back!! And I will attest to the goodness of Magnolia's banana pudding and Levaine Bakery cookies. Both amazing!!

Tamara said...

The thing that I miss the most about living in NYC is the food!! I am glad that you had a good time. I have that banana pudding recipe if you want it, just let Natalie let me know if you want it:)

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