Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grocery Shopping

Do you love or hate grocery shopping?
I have to admit that I kind of love it.  I love making a list of what I need and then going (by myself) to fill my basket and cross off my list.  It relaxes me.
What I don't love is that I have to go to 7 different places to get all the different things that I like.  I know it's my fault for being snobby about food, but I still dream about one big mega store that has everything that I love.
So here are the stores I go to and what I get there.  Because I know you are dying to know this information.
Walmart: Catalina and ranch salad dressing, Ghirardelli chocolate chips, Breyers ice cream, toiletries, some paper goods, milk, cream, half and half, eggs, produce if it looks good, some canned goods, Macayo's taco sauce, sugar, powdered sugar, rice, spices that I don't need a lot of, kid syrup, condiments (except mayo), cake mixes.
Sam's Club: On the Border chips, pesto, parmesan, OJ, frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, frozen veggies, produce if it looks good, cibatta rolls, fresh mozzarella, kid cereal, butter, flour tortillas, most canned goods, cocoa, olive oil and canola oil, spices that I need in bulk, baking powder, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, honey.
Costco: Greek yogurt, our favorite granola cereal, paper towels, toilet paper, produce if it looks good, tomato and basil soup, frozen chicken tenders, snacks and drinks for lunches, organic salsa, vitamins and medicine, gum, dark chocolate acai/blueberry snack, fruit and nut mix, almond pops snack, slivered almonds, walnuts, fruit leather, nutella, peanut butter, Coaches oats, laundry detergent.
Fresh and Easy: Mountain trail mix, balsamic vinaigrette, french bread, sharp cheddar cheese, string cheese, chocolate pudding, produce if it looks good, pasta, unbleached flour.
Trader Joe's: Marinara sauce, corn tortillas, cashews, frozen fruits and veggies, raspberry and cream ice cream bars, dark chocolate pb cups, pizza dough, produce if it's on sale, coconut milk, pure maple syrup, mayo, white balsamic vinegar, frozen orange chicken, any other random treat that I need to try.
Sprouts: Beef, chicken, sliced peppered turkey, produce if it's on sale, dark chocolate covered almonds, chia seeds
Alpine Valley Bread Outlet: Bread. 
Backyard Farmer: I should mention this one because I order grains and fresh produce from them on occasion and sometimes meat but it comes right to my doorstep so it's not really "shopping."  It's the best thing ever if you live in Mesa or Gilbert.

*What are your favorite places to shop and what do you love to get there?


Ashley Elizabeth said...

I too go to several different places. I ALWAYS am watching out for sales!! I try to maintain a healthy diet for my family of 5 while adhering to the budget. Yep, it is quite a task! Walmart is great for dry foods such as, Velveeta Shells and Cheese, a must-have for the MR. In North Carolina we have BJ's, a wholesale store, which is great for cereal, cat litter, milk and ground hamburger. I love Lowe's Foods for their fresh produce since I can never make it to our town square for the fresh produce at the Market. Food Lion tends to have some great deals too! Those are the places I shop!!! Still searching for that budget friendly meat market. :)

Ashley Sniadecki
Little Red Mommy-Hood

Shelly said...

Your hilarious!! I love hearing where other people go and what they like there. I usually stick to Frys, Costco, Safeway and Sprouts. It just depends on where the sales are. Im really looking forward to the Winco opening up where the old Costco used to be on Power. We had one of those in Idaho and its the coolest store and cheap!!

Matkasse said...

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