Thursday, December 10, 2009

Roast Beef Au Jus

I was talking to my friend, Jen, the other day and she told me about these sandwiches.
She said they were easy and yummy, and that's what we're all looking for, are we not?
We tried them out for dinner tonight and she was telling the truth on both accounts.
roast beef, sliced thin (Sprouts has good roast beef)
dinner rolls, cut in half
onions, sliced and sauteed
provolone or swiss, sliced
Au Jus gravy mix (in a packet)

*Saute sliced onion in some butter. Set aside. Make Au Jus sauce according to package directions. Set aside. Slice dinner rolls in half and place sliced roast beef and cheese on one half. Broil in oven until cheese is melted and empty rolls are golden brown. Add onions, put other half of roll on top and dip in sauce to eat.

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