Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Healthier Brownie

Brownies and ice cream is one of my favorite desserts! It's the perfect combo to satisfy my sweet tooth. A few years ago, I came across a tip on how to make brownies with a healthy twist. It's very simple and cuts the majority of the the fat out. You simply substitute the oil with applesauce. Measure everything according to box directions, use applesauce instead of oil and bake accordingly. The taste is the same but the texture is a little different, more cake like. I don't do this every time I make brownies, just occasionally, when I'm feeling somewhat nutritious. Don't tell anyone and see if they notice the difference!

I highly recommend the Ghirardelli Double Chocolate brownie mix!!

1 comment:

AL and ALI said...

Yum. Ghirardelli Double Chocolate are the only way to go! They're the only mix I use.

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