Friday, February 26, 2010

The Backyard

Our cute friend, Sunshine, told us about this great place in Mesa where you can get authentic carne asada tacos.
Like taco-stand-next-to-the-beach-in-Mexico authentic.

We went last weekend to try it out and holy moly it was so good. And so cheap. You have got to try it!

Here is the funny thing. It is in someone's backyard.
Literally, in their backyard. So cool.

They are open on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 6:30pm. They serve carne asada tacos, carne asada quesadillas, and carne asada gorditas. They also have these amazing sauces to put on top.

No rice and beans. No chips and salsa. Just amazing carne asada.

*Directions: Go north on Stapley from Southern. Turn left on 8th. (First light after Southern). Take first left on Spencer. (Tree blocking sign). It's the first house on the left with white, metal, decorative fence. Find a place to park (good luck) and walk right into the backyard. Rueben will take your order. See you there!


Crystal Annie said...

I will sooo be there, that is my favorite kind of taco. They have a little stand at the Alley's in Cali and I LOVE LOVE them. thanks for the info by the way how much are they so I know how much cash to bring.

Rachel Cunningham said...

The tacos are $1.50 and I'm not sure about the other stuff. I got three tacos and wished I had gotten four because they were pretty small and SO GOOD!

Crystal Annie said...

I just told my husband and he got up and said I am going. Even though he had a pizza in the oven. I knew that would happen. Thx for the info.

Bonnie said...

I am going there FOR SURE!! When Don and I went to Costa Rica we went to a little place like this only it was in someone's garage with a dirt floor. They had the garage door open and they cooked tacos (Costa Rican style--delish) and I think they cost us approximately .50 each. Yum I can't wait to try them. My kind of place!! Wanna go with me?

Rachel Cunningham said...

Crystal...let me know what you guys think!

Bonnie...I will totally go with you.

Josh and Heather said...

I think I am going to take Josh there tomorrow. That is his favorite! He will be so excited :) Thanks!

Crystal Annie said...

LOVED it, I loved all the side. OOHHHHH it was sooo good. I am going to be putting this on my blog as well. I want to tell everyone about it. Thanks a mil.

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