Sunday, January 22, 2012

Backyard Farmer

I heard about the Backyard Farmer like 6 months ago from a few different blogs and was so excited to give it a try.  I got on the email list and started getting the order forms every week.  Not sure why it took me so long to actually fill one out and send it back, but last week I finally tried it!!  I think I am hooked.
The Backyard Farmer is a local farmer who grows all kinds of good things and then picks and delivers them right to your front door...for free!  Awesome right?!  The prices are really good for what you are getting and everything is so fresh.  You've got to check it out!  They deliver to Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek and parts of Tempe.
Click on the this link to find out more.
Tell them Betty sent you.  Just kidding, don't tell them that.  They have no idea who we are.
We loved all the produce that we tried.  It was so fresh and so tasty.  Not pictured here is a 50 pound bag of hard white wheat that we got. They have lots of good things and did I mention it comes right to your door?!


Jade said...

Tell them Betty sent you!!! Love it. I wish Utah had back yard farmers, I'm jealous!

Ali said...

It really is the greatest!! I have been doing it for a year, and the quality is heads above any produce you'd get in the grocery store. And it lasts way longer, since it didn't spend days traveling across the globe. love it!

Cassie and Chad said...

Jade check out Bountiful Baskets in Utah. It's awesome, tons of fresh produce and for super cheap.

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