Friday, June 6, 2008

Sunday Roast

Nothin' better than a juicy, tender roast on Sunday!! This is a favorite in our household. It's very easy and very tasty! The soups make for great flavor and great gravy. I love, love, love cooking meat in my crock pot because it always come out so tender. Sorry for the picture. I was in a hurry.

Sunday Roast:
2 - 3lbs. beef, chuck roast
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
1 packet Lipton onion soup

Put roast in crock pot. Mix soups and pour over roast. Cook on low all day or high for 6 hours. Enjoy!


Bonnie said...

Mmm, nothing better than coming home on Sunday and smelling the roast that is READY TO EAT!! This looks good Holl. I cook mine similarly - but usually in the oven. I'll bet your hubby loves your Sunday cookin'!

Lana and Terry said...

Holly Dolly, I can almost smell the roast as I sit here. Yes indeedy, it is fab and easy. Bonnie, I'm like you. Sometimes I cook mine in the oven also. Old habits are hard to break. My Mom always cooked her roasts in the oven, and they were always yummy!

Trey said...

My sister gave me this recipe and i have made it numerous times to rave reviews. Perfect for evening dinners with the fam any night. Its so easy and so great!

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