Friday, March 30, 2012

The Sweet Tooth Fairy

There's a new bakery in town and today was the Grand Opening!
The Sweet Tooth Fairy opened up a cute little shop in Scottsdale.  Not exactly in our neighborhood, but closer than Utah, so we'll take it!  Holly is in town (hooray!) so we drove over this morning to check it out.  Talk about a dreamy place.
Striped walls, jars filled with candy, glass cases filled with the most amazing looking treats, and cute signs all over.  Even the pen jar by the register had sprinkles in it.  Cute!  If you live nearby, you need to go check it out!
The sugar cookies were off-the-charts-so-delish.  Probably the best one I've ever had.
Wyatt thought he had died and gone to Heaven.


Bonnie said...

My cute friend Tara (in my ward) is the general manager of the shop. I am so excited about this! I haven't had the chance to go yet--but I will--soon!! What was your favorite things?

Rachel Cunningham said...

I think I met her! She seemed like the manager anyway. We loved everything we tried. The sugar cookies were seriously so good and the ultimate brownie was amazing. The coconut cupcake was my favorite and the cake bites were really good too, especially the peanut butter. We were in a major sugar coma last night but it was worth it!

Vickie said...

Everytime I go to Utah, I make it a top priority to visit the Sweet Tooth Fairy. So glad there's one a bit closer. I agree with you Rachel on the sugar cookies. I could bathe in their frosting!

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