Monday, January 3, 2011

Mexican Rice

Last night, I made the beloved pork enchiladas for dinner.  They have become a favorite in our household.  And I always serve them with some sort of rice.  I was flipping through a ward cookbook, and found this recipe.  I made a few subtle changes for our own liking, and we really liked the finished product.  It was easy and I had all of the ingredients on hand.  Double score!

Mexican Rice

1 1/2 cups rice
1/4 cup oil
1/4 cup chopped onions
1 clove garlic, minced

Brown rice in oil.  Add onion and garlic.  Saute on medium heat for about 5 minutes.

Then add:
2 cups chicken broth
1 cup water
1/2 Tbs. cumin
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
1 tsp. garlic powder
1 8oz. can tomato sauce

Bring all ingredients to a boil.  Lower heat and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes, covered.  Cook until rice is soft and liquid is absorbed.


Angie said...

Tried the mexican rice tonight and actually I haven't ever really been a fan of mexican rice before, but decided to try this one out. I loved it and more importantly both by boys loved it (including the picky eater--who wanted seconds!).
I like that it doesn't have an overwhelming tomato taste to it (though I did top it with diced raw tomatos and cheese).

Bonnie said...

This is basically the same recipe I have always used (got it from my mom who learned in Mexico). The cumin is key, I think. Thanks for being a good poster!!

Mackenzi said...

I am so excited to try this recipe! Have you ever made it with brown rice?

Richard BlackRose said...

Very nice post!

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