Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rice Pudding

I was craving rice pudding the other day (what haven't I craved this pregnancy?) and I came up with this. I don't know if I am just weird and pregnant but this pudding was so good to me!

Rice Pudding

3/4 cup jasmine rice
1/2 cup sugar(I did a heaping half cup)
5 cups milk
2 t vanilla
2 shakes of cinnamon (don't go crazy on this its not supposed to taste like cinnamon it just brings out a fun flavor).
Combine and heat until boiling. Turn down to a good simmer and stir every few minutes for about 45-50 min or until most liquid is gone.

Top with berries! The first night I put frozen raspberries in the pudding while it was still hot. The next day we ate it cold with fresh blueberries. Both ways were crazy good.

1 comment:

Ryan and Holly Gibb said...

Yum Jade! I have been wanting to make this and now I have a good recipe to try! Thanks. Miss you.

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